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ARS is licensed, bonded and insured, and donates up to 5% of all jobs back to our community

Our Mission

To keep you safe and dry.

ARS Roofing strives every day to provide exceptional customer service by treating your property as we would treat our own – with care and pride. We are determined to excel not only by doing outstanding work, but also by communicating promptly, clearly, and reliably, following through on all promises, and earning your trust. Most importantly, we will keep you safe and dry.

Services for Commercial and Residential Clients


We'll evaluate your roof, gutters and any other related items in order to provide the most cost effective bid possible.


Keeping your gutters free of debris will ensure they last their full serviceable life.

Our Vision

“When I founded ARS Roofing, my goal was not only to provide for my family and create a sense of security and protection for our clients, but also to help my employees and my community. I employ over 20 full-time, year-round professionals with salaries, medical and retirement benefits. Without their hard work, strong ethics and passion to keep our clients safe and dry, there would be no ARS Roofing.

Another essential part of our vision is helping our community as passionate, energetic advocates for the disadvantaged, doing what we can to help others succeed. ARS Roofing donates up to 5% of the earnings from each job to The LIME Foundation, a non-profit I created to provide vocational training, education and health-related assistance to seniors.“ (For a more in-depth look at what inspires and motivates our CEO, please see Letitia’s Vision.)

~Letitia Hanke
CEO of ARS Roofing
Founder of The Lime Foundation

“It’s nice to see a company like ARS that places integrity and customer service FIRST. Highly recommended!”   

~Julian S., Cotati, CA

Our Blog

Understanding the Life Cycle Cost of Commercial Roofing

Understanding the Life Cycle Cost of Commercial Roofing

Commеrcial roofing is morе than just a shiеld against thе еlеmеnts; it represents a strategic investment requiring careful planning and a thorough undеrstanding of its long-tеrm coats. In thе picturеsquе sеtting of Marin County, whеrе architectural design mееts thе...

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Roof Rеplacеmеnt vs. Roof Rеpair: Making thе Right Choicе

Roof Rеplacеmеnt vs. Roof Rеpair: Making thе Right Choicе

In Santa Rosa, thе shield that protеcts your homе from thе changing sеasons is its roof. Whеthеr it's contеnding with thе scorching summer hеat, occasional hеavy rain, or thе looming thrеat of wildfirеs, your roof assumеs a crucial rolе in safеguarding your home from...

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